Add a new advertiser

Before you can create proposals you need to create an organization and a contact to sell the ad(s) to.

Adding the new client details

Add the advertiser's legal entity name in Organization name and, if applicable, use the Trading name for allowing a search for the name that they normally trade under. When you create contracts and send invoices, you want to make certain which legal entity you are doing business with. Depending on which market you are working in, it may even be advisable to enter the Tax ID so that once the invoice has to be paid, there's not going to be any issues.

As you enter the address(es) for the company, you can either do it manually or you can use Google's address search to find the address. If you use Google, just start typing the address, in this case with the number first; 3350 Stevens Creek... If visiting and delivery address is the same address as for billing, you don't have to enter them. The system will use Billing address for delivery of complementary subscriptions if the Delivery address field is empty. Finally, before saving the new customer, make sure you pick the right Sales rep, properly categorize them in your sales funnel and select which segment they should belong to. Please observe that the Category and Segment drop down menus are editable for your system administrator. If you check off that they are Tax exempt, no tax will be added to your invoices for this customer, but you have to make sure that you create the deals after you have checked this off.

Adding a contact

Use the check boxes to identify if this person should be receiving emailed invoices and/or artwork reminders. By ticking off these boxes you'll set the person up to be the default contact person for any future deals created for this account.

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