Selling gift subscriptions manually

Create a subscription manually in RunMags where there is one person paying and another person getting the subscription.

First, create the subscription owner, i.e. the beneficiary, unless the person does not already exist in RunMags. This is the person that will get the subscription and own it.

Next, create the person that will purchase the subscription unless the person does not already exist in RunMags. Go to the Sales orders tab and click the green New button to create a new sales order. In the Sales order form, click the green New button.

Populate the order with the product you want to sell just like if it was a subscription intended for the same person that is paying for the subscription.

In the field labelled "Gift for" (marked in red), type to search for the name of the person that you added first, i.e. the subscription owner we created in the first step. Select that person.

Click Save and close.

Next, just like for any subscription manually created, select a payment method and click Complete order to process it.

The subscription number resulting from the order is shown in within the blue square in the screenshot below. The number SUB-00150 is the identifier of the actual subscription.

The sales order form will close and there will now be a record of that transaction. Also, you can see the invoice and the payment in the corresponding tabs.

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