Selling advertising

How to create a deal to sell print ads, online ads, events and other products

A user with Sales access can create deals to sell ads. The deals are created to have a traceable record in RunMags of which product that was offered, when and to whom it was sent and the associated terms and conditions. All of that is done in the deal and from that data a PDF proposal/contract is generated, thereby eliminating the need to type up a proposal in MS Word or another word processing program. To create a deal, go to Sales & CRM, search for the advertiser you want to create the deal for. This article cover how to sell to an agency and have the deal related to an advertiser. Go to the deals tab and click new at the bottom right. In the deal form that opens up, Contract preparation will be the default status that you can change along with other information for dates, contacts, etc. Make sure to pick your preferred billing model and payment terms.

Next you pick the products you want to include in the deal. Select the tab for the specific products you want to sell and click New. In the following example we will cover a print ad. In the form that opens up, select the magazine you want to sell an ad in along with the product of choice: a full page in Nifty Magazine in this case. You can select to include a loading charge for a specific page and you can provide discounts. If you know the issue that the customer want to advertise in, you can tick of those issues. In this example, we have ticket off the January and February issues, but we have also set up one outstanding issue that the customer can decide on which issue they want to appear in at a later time. Click Save and close when you have added the product of choice. If you want to add more products, you can do so, Under the Billing schedule tab you can see each line item and when it will be possible to invoice it. Under the Contact roles tab, you can see the different contacts for the contract, artwork, invoices, etc. RunMags is pulling this information from the check boxes on the actual contacts in RunMags. You also have the option to view the contract if you'd like so you can download it as a PDF. When you close the deal, you can highlight it in the list of deals and click the button for sending the contract via email to the customer.

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