Exploring and viewing subscribers

Develop a good understanding of your subcriber base and their subscriptions by channel, product, status, etc.

At times, you may want to run searches to find out how many active subscribers you have and break that down by channel, product or status. You may want to do this in a way that allow you to even more in a investigate individual subscribers.

Searching for subscriptions

A user with subcription sales rights, can search and filter subscriptions in many ways.

In addition to working with the Circulation tools, you can also search for subscription within Subscriptin sales in the navigation menu.

Go to Subscription sales >>> Subscribers.

Click the Search button on the lower right. Apply the filters as needed, for example Active subscriptions as shown below. You can sort the list and double-click a subscription to see more.

You can also export the entire list along with more columns by clicking the Export button.

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