Paginating print magazines

Plan the structure of your issues ahead of time, move spreads and placeholders for ads and editorial content.

A user with Production rights can access the pagination tools under Production.

Right-click on a page to enter a container for an ad or editorial content on that page. Ad containers are green and editorial containers are orange. One an ad is placed on an ad container, it becomes blue.

A spread can be moved by left-clicking the bottom of a spread (grey, unless colored for a section) and dragging the spread to a new location.

In the right hand side column, you can select which magazine and issue you want to work with. Zoom in and out of the magazine and tick off the boxes to indicate which layers you want to see on the pages.

You can copy the structure of an issue to other issues by using the tool in the lower right of the interface. It may be a good idea to create templates that you can work with and apply to your future issues in order to drive efficiency.

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