Using your planner to schedule activities and collaborating within the team

All users can access the Planner tools with calendar and activities in the left navigation column under Home. The Planner can be used for collaborating with team mates as well as working on ones individual calendar.

At the top you select how you want to view your calendar. Work week is most commonly used.

Viewing and creating activities in the Planner

Right click in the calendar to carve out some time for a meeting with a client. Select duration and click New Appointment.

All scheduled tasks will show up in the task list below. If you filter for Completion=Unchecked you'll only see those activities that you have not completed.

On the right hand side you can select which colleagues' calendars you want to view.

There is a small triangle that can be used to maximize the calendar view. This will hide the Settings menu on the right. If you hide Settings you can reveal it again by clicking the small triangle again.

Viewing and creating activities when working with a customer

All activities created in the Planner will display under the corresponding advertiser record. And vice versa, if you create an activity when working with an advertisers, that activity will show up in the Planner.

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