Client engagement

Send email and get instant feedback on which links your clients click to engage with your content.

Ever wondered if clients opened your email to click your links? Well now you'll know.

Under each advertiser client record, you'll see a tab called Engagement. In that tab you can see which email they opened (personal and mass email) and which link they clicked, as well as when.

The target column show which link that is clicked, followed by the url.

The referral column show which email that initiated the engagement. This can be a mass email or a personal email. This also includes email sent by your colleagues.

The last four columns will show which contact that engaged and when.

Use with caution

While this new feature is perfectly legal and employs technology that is widely used by modern platforms, we advice that you use the information with caution.

Some people may be startled if you tell them you just noticed they clicked your links, so use the intel wisely.

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